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Why You Need a Title IX Lawyer

May 31

The law prohibits sexual assault and discrimination at all colleges and universities that receive federal funding. Students who have been accused of violating Title IX guidelines are subject to lengthy disciplinary proceedings.

If students (also known as "respondents") believe that their school did not follow Title IX regulations during a fair investigation or hearing process, they can contact a Title IX lawyer.


Title IX mandates that schools treat complaints of sexual harassment or violence seriously. Students report that many colleges and universities are unable to properly investigate allegations, dismiss them, or allow rapists on campus.

If you have been the victim of sexual harassment, contact an experienced Long Island Title IX Lawyer to discuss your rights and options. Our attorneys are experienced in representing complainants at school disciplinary proceedings. They can ensure that you get the full protection of federal law.

Title IX is a federally funded policy that must be posted by all public and private elementary and secondary schools, vocational and trade schools, and every school receiving federal funds. The policy must also include procedures for receiving and resolving sex-discrimination complaints. Anyone who believes that someone or a group of people have been denied equal educational opportunity because of their gender can file a complaint. This could be sex-based discrimination in the housing market, in the classroom or on the sports field. This includes sexual harassment, sex violence, and voyeurism (acts of sexual exploitation through photos or videos). A sex-discrimination complaint must be investigated quickly and fairly.


Title IX laws prohibit sexism and are mandatory for schools that receive federal funding. Students who violate Title IX laws may suffer a range of consequences. They could lose academic credit or be denied financial aid and scholarships.

Students should familiarize them with the Title IX specific policies of their schools. Students should also understand that their school's Title IX investigation procedures may differ. This can have an impact on the way their case will be handled.

Sexual misconduct charges can have a serious impact on the reputation of a student and their potential employment. Students must prepare a strong defence and fight for their Title IX rights. A Title IX Lawyer Dekalb is able to help students defend their rights. A good defense can help students avoid sanctions, such as being denied access to athletic or campus housing. In some cases the entire college life of a young student could be put at risk.


We will also assist you with gathering evidence that supports your claim. This includes text or emails, photographs, video, witness statements, etc. We can assist you with collecting evidence that proves that the alleged event did not happen, including demonstrating to the complainant that their story is inconsistent and inaccurate.

When schools receive complaints of sexual assault or harassing, they initiate a complex and lengthy disciplinary process. This involves investigations, hearings sanction boards, and student panels. These proceedings can have devastating implications on a respondent’s reputation, career and eligibility for athletic scholarships and financial aid.

In many instances the disciplinary process is biased against the accuser. Students' due process rights are not protected. We will help you to fight for the right to an impartial investigation and hearing. Moreover we can assist you in appealing any adverse decisions made. Our firm has experience defending students who have been accused of Title IX violations in university campuses nationwide.


Title IX, which is best known for protecting women from sexual harassment and abuse in college athletics, also protects all students against sexual violence. You deserve to be represented in court by a Title IX attorney, whether you are the victim of a violation or have been accused of wrongdoing.

Unlike the criminal justice system, which requires proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, Title IX hearings use a lower standard--the "preponderance of the evidence." This makes it even more important for accused students to have a strong defense.

A skilled attorney will help you gather, analyze, and present any evidence supporting your side of a story. This may include text messages, emails or other documents, witness statements or photographic or video evidence. Your attorney can challenge the credibility and reliability of your accuser through inconsistencies, or other factors that may call their testimony into question. Additionally, your lawyer can represent you during any disciplinary proceedings or appeals. You can also negotiate a solution informally with your attorney.

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