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How Long Do Airsoft Games Last?

Mar 29

Airsoft is a fast-paced team based shooting game that involves eliminating opposing players by firing plastic BBs. It is a military simulation based sport.

Many airsoft fields have rules that they follow to ensure a safe and fun environment. These include time limits, minimum engagement distances, power limitations, etc. They also have refs that wander around the field and enforce these rules.

It depends on the type of game.

Generally speaking, airsoft games last for 15-30 minutes on average in professional or commercial venues. This allows players to stack up games throughout the day and still maintain a healthy level of physical exertion.

There are also specified break periods between games, usually just a few minutes to get airsoft materials back in order and take a breather from the action. This helps to keep the game safe and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Some larger airsoft events can last up to several hours or even days, including some organized military simulations and skirmishes. These games can be quite intense and require a great deal of teamwork, problem solving and communication skills to succeed.

Honesty is a key element of airsoft, and anyone not willing to play properly is not welcome in an airsoft match. This honesty prevents cheating, and ensures an honest, friendly atmosphere amongst players.


Typically, CQB/Speedsoft games last between 5 minutes and an hour or more. Some airsoft arenas use breaks or switch between different types of games to keep the game going longer, while others shuffle teams to prevent fatigue.

Speedsoft is a popular type of airsoft that uses short-length guns and fast-moving players. It is a great option for newer players who want to get a taste of airsoft without getting too familiar with the equipment.

In speedsoft, you will need to have a weapon tuned up right to the allowable limits and be able to shoot it as quickly as possible to eliminate opponents. Hi-cap pistols are a good choice for this game, as they can hold a large amount of BBs and deliver them with ease.

As you can see, airsoft is an ever-evolving sport that is attracting more and more people every year. Whether you are an experienced player or a beginner, there is sure to be an airsoft game for you!


Airsoft is a military sports game that uses a replica of real small arms. It involves shooting plastic balls with 6 mm or 8 mm diameter, instead of bullets.

Airsoft can be a very fun game, but it also requires some rules and regulations to keep it safe. These include calling out when hit, always being within the line of fire, and never ignoring being shot (this is considered cheating).

A typical airsoft game can last between 15 to 30 minutes. It can also vary depending on the objectives and respawn rules.

Capture the flag is an example of a short game that can easily be played in 30 minutes or less. Players place a team flag at a particular position that needs to be captured and held by a different team before the timer runs out.

There are a few other games that can be played as well, and their duration can differ from one field to the next. A team deathmatch can last for an hour or more, while a hostage rescue can put a twist on the pace of action for another 20 minutes.


Mission based airsoft games are a great way to challenge yourself as an individual or a team. They can be played indoors or outdoors and often have specially designed arenas with obstacles and cover to provide a more realistic experience.

Some of these missions can be long and complex. Some will take hours to complete, depending on the scenario and pace of play.

Medic is a classic game that involves two teams of equal numbers of players. There are a small number of Medics on each team, who are meant to treat the fallen players, then return them to their spawn points.

Hostage rescue is another simple but fun game where one team has to rescue the other team’s hostages while avoiding being shot by the guards.

These types of games can be very long and require plenty of strategy to win, but they are also very fun. Some people prefer to put a timer on them, which can help keep the action going for longer. For more information on this topic, please click on this link :